You’ll apply through the CAO for a BSc in Immersive Software Engineering, and you will technically be able to leave in 3 years with that BSc (Hons). ISE is designed to be a 4-year integrated MSc. We believe most students will complete the four years and leave with a full MSc.

There is no part time option. ISE is designed to be intensive and while we understand part time options are attractive, we really think our goals in designing ISE are only going to be met with a full time option.  

You can do up to five residencies in up to five different companies.

Yes, all partners are very committed to ISE’s vision. Every residency has a set of learning outcomes associated with them, and when you are on your residency, we will be working with you and with the company to make sure you are learning, say, user interaction on the user interaction residency. Ensuring you and the company are delighted with the experience will be our key concern. That doesn’t mean you won’t work hard. You will. But we promise the work will be rewarding, and we will want to learn from you when you return to the ISE learning space on UL’s beautiful campus.

In general, you do, though some companies we partner with do have accommodation options as well. Some residencies can also be remote, as many companies now offer that as an option. Our preference is that you learn with colleagues in their offices.

Yes. We don’t want you to be limited by your ability to pay. Our partner companies are generously sponsoring scholarships and other supports for you. These will be available to qualifying students.

Thanks to the generous financial support of Intercom, Transact Campus, and MongoDB, ISE has three €10,000 scholarships to support Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) on our new programme.

  • Intercom – Scholarship valued at €10,000 (in total)

Students who are registered with UL Access, UL Sanctuary, or Disability Support Services and who have been admitted to BSc in Immersive Software Engineering are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship is open to female students admitted to BSc in Immersive Software Engineering – LM173 (includes MSc – LM815).

  •  MongoDB – Scholarship valued at €10,000 (in total)

Open to all students registered on the BSc in Immersive Software Engineering – LM173 (includes MSc – LM815). Applications are particularly welcome from students from the identified groups covered under equal treatment legislation.


New 2024 Bursary worth €10,000:

In 2024, a fourth bursary has been announced by our Residency Partner Provizio. Under this new initiative, the best Entrance Submission received from 2024 applicants will receive a bursary of €10,000. 


Further details can be found on the ISE website here.

The entry requirements for the 2023 class was 676 points. Made up from the combined points from the Leaving Cert (625 points) and the Portfolio submission (300 points).

Please note that the new Entrance Submission for 2024 applicants is worth a maximum of 200 points.

Yes – we’re hiring! We are hiring a new team for this program, across teaching, research, and support roles. We offer a competitive salary, a generous built-in research start-up package, research-active colleagues who care about transforming computer science education, and massive autonomy over vast areas of an innovative new venture. You’ll have instant impact, and no traditional exam grading. Get in touch with one of the ISE team we’d love to talk.

Here you find information about the ISE vision, the UL campus and life in Limerick:


There is no hard and fast definition, but generally speaking software engineers are involved in the full development lifecycle, not just the programming aspect of computer science. So while, yes, you will need to learn how to program, software engineers look at everything from requirements gathering, to design, customer interactions, technical stack decisions, development, testing, and hand-over to the customer. To do software engineering really well, you have to be able to think critically about systems, and we’ll teach you how to do that. 

We achieve this by basically taking your summers away, and by making the course itself more intense. When on your residency placements (two of which take place over the summer months), you will become an employee of the company and work regular office hours, as determined by them. You can also expect to be in the ISE learning spaces from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.  We are going to treat you like junior professionals. More responsibility, more focus, more intensity, but a quicker and more impactful outcome for you. Also we’ll have swag. Really good swag.

There are opportunities to work abroad. It depends on which companies you choose, and where they are located. For example, one of our residency partners now offers placements in London. Several of our students have gone abroad for a portion of their Residency Placements.

It is a requirement from the government that this course include a bachelor’s degree en route to the Masters, but this does not lengthen the process in any way.

All of UL’s Computer Science courses are amazing. Each will change your life in different ways. We made this handy-dandy comparison chart to make the differences a little clearer. Check out the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems site for more detail on who you’ll learn from.

Course Title

Computer Science (Common Entry)

Immersive Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML)

Course Code




Speciality (2nd – 4th year)

Computer Science; OR

Cyber-Security & IT Forensics; OR

Computer Games Development

Software Engineering from the start

AI & ML from the start


Broad-spectrum software development

Accelerated, immersive software engineering

Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science


Choose speciality at end of year 1;

Traditional academic calendar;

Data analytics & AL/ML streams;

Co-op in year 3


5 paid residencies (work placements) in industry;

Accelerated programme

First of its kind in the country;

Traditional computer science topics included;

Traditional academic calendar;

Co-op in year 3






2 semesters per year for 4 years

3 semesters per year for 4 years

2 semesters per year for 4 years plus 1 additional year for MSc.

Points (2023)


676 (including portfolio)




Now named “Entrance Submission” Click here for more details


Minimum Requirements

Maths: O2/H6

H4 Honours Maths

H3 Honours MAths

Cohort Size (Approx.)


25 (2022) -> 80 (2026)

20 (2022) -> 40 (2026)

Contact Person

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


We have more answers. Please contact the ISE team for further information.

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